May 17, 2009

Get Rave Reviews on Your Rental!

For many of you that have recently purchased an investment home to be used as a rental property. For those that are still looking for one, (who wouldn't want to in today's buyer's market?) here are a few things to consider before you attempt to decorate it on your own...

1. Marketing Impact- Now that you have purchased your rental property, you'll want to have it staged in a way that goes beyond decorating. Thought staging was only for sellers? Think again! Decorating caters more to personal taste where home staging appeals to a mass audience. A professional Home Stager knows exactly what to put where and why, to elicit the feelings of home, coziness and an "I have to rent this!" kind of attitude. That is why it is best left to the professionals who make it their career to prepare a home for such a process, eliminating the guesswork. This will help you significantly in the overall appeal of your home as potential renters scope out the web to find their perfect rental. You will have wonderful photos at the end for your website, blog, or for printed marketing materials, and in the end if you plan to sell, MLS too!

2. Long Distance Relationship-If you do not live in the same State or Country as the home you are looking to rent out, it is best to leave the shopping, and decorating to a local who will save you time and money. While most people loathe personal long distance relationships, a relationship with a good Home Stager/Designer will save you a lot of time looking for the goods, money in travel, rental cars and lodging expenses and frustration trying to hunt down all of the accessories and furniture for your home. You won't be left wondering if you could have got it cheaper elsewhere. That is all we do at Florida Home Staging & Redesign, Inc. So, rest assured that while you're living your life and managing your career, we are here transforming and beautifying your rental home.

3. Renting Quicker Saves Money- By hiring a Home Stager to get your rental property move-in ready, you dramatically speed up the time of having your home sit empty, thus allowing you to capitalize on the most amount of rental income. The same principles are true of selling a home, Home Owners want to sell fast and for top dollar, you can do the same with your rental home too!

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