June 17, 2009

Decorating Faux Pas for Rental Homes

For many people who own a vacation home that they rent out, they attempt to decorate it themselves and make it feel as tropical as possible. Sometimes this backfires and the home looks like a circus, not a cozy retreat.

This is How NOT to Decorate a Disney Rental Vacation Property:

1. Don't Paint Your Own Home-Florida is hot most of the year and let's face it-painting is no fun! This may cause you to rush through the painting just to get it over with. Call up at least five companies and get some price quotes. Decide who will provide the best overall value for your money then try to opt for low VOC paints which have less odor and environmental issues. This way, your home is ready to receive guests in no time!

2. Don't Go Too Bold- In my professional opinon, when it comes to selecting paint colors for your home, choose neutral ones vs. bright ones, especially in the main living areas. The kids bedrooms are a great place for some expression of color but lime green and bright orange will get old quick. If you decide to sell this investment home later or you'll be repainting it for sure! I assure you this will get you LESS not more guests. Use splashes of color in the artwork, bedding, rugs, and other accessories, just not on the walls!

3. Avoid Grandma Florals- In Florida there tends to be a whole lots of ugly grandma-like floral patterns. Avoid this temptation. This is not modern, current or exciting, if people wanted that type of decor they'd go to grandma's house or stay in their own home. Make your rental cozy like it should be but add some elegance and sophistications so the renters will feel like they truly had a retreat and got their money's worth! Other patterns to avoid are plaids and paisley. Stay away from anyting that is quilted or crocheted as well. After all this is a beach destination, not a cabin in the woods!

4. Antiques- A rental is not the place to dump all your old, ugly furniture that you no longer have a place for or want. This will make the renter feel like they're amongst a sea of bad thrift store finds. Use newer furniture that has no tears, stains, rips or needs to be covered up and it MUST be CLEAN! While you can find some great furniture like beautiful dining table and chair sets that simply require a new lease on life with some paint, the upholstered pieces that have seen better days or tv's with rabbit ears are off limits. However, do incorporate interesting finds from flea markets, or antique stores that are nautical or of a beachy or travelling nature.

5. Personalization- While the rental home that allows you to generate income may also be your personal vacation home, it's important not to make it overly personal. When you stay at a hotel, it's all about you, and that is how it should be. Avoid framed family photos, sports team memorabilia or decor items of a religious nature. These hold true for staging your home to sell and they are true when marketing your home as a destination for potential vacationers to feel comfortable in too. Other things to consider are personalized mugs, director's chairs with the family members name or your home country's flag posted outside the home.

While some of these tips may be surprising to you, if you're looking to get the highest amount of vacationers to your home, they are highly recommended. For a personal consultation contact us at (407) 864-7535 or visit us at http://www.floridahomestager.com/
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